Let’s not kid ourselves. The Internet is our cultural creator - an omnipresent, commodifiable, juggernaut. Capitalism drives it, insecurities feed it, algorithms teach it, and we are all looking at it. Facebook lost its credibility after the 2016 election so we have collectively moved on to its younger, hotter, sluttier sister: Instagram. She is young, dumb, full of cum and I’m in love with her. I would marry, fuck, and kill. Social media has us living in a never-ending scroll of internet detritus that is being preserved into the largest archive in the history of the world. My research scrapes these images together and forces them into a different subset of tangles threads: weavings. While simple in their construction, weavings have a complicated, global, and relatively unwritten history as set within the art world. These weavings source fast, digital, often vapid images and immortalize them in plastic threads that are held together by the tension of the loom and the labor of the weaver. I am less interested in writing history and much more interested in participating in the life which will inevitable birth it. If art killed God, I am quite certain the Internet is killing art.