Weaving is dead. It is not dead like Delaroche declared painting dead. It is dead like taxis are dead. There are easier, cheaper, and more reliable ways of getting to where you need to be. Weaving is an ancient mode of production, inefficient and difficult. Weaving is a dead way or working but not a dead way of thinking. It is linear and finite both in theory and format. The end product is always an object. Weaving is not surface. It is whole. It is tangible labor – individual actors forced together through tension to create something altogether new. The uninitiated use blind clichés like “organized chaos” to describe this methodology. That is another lie. Weaving is planned, meticulous, and intentional. It is not about forcing order onto things; it is about building new systems that accommodate for everything. Weavers are not weaving because it is trendy again. We never stopped working.